The Secret To A Killer Girls Night Out

We all need a girls night out every now and again. With our busy work schedules, hectic family lives, and all of the tedious drama that adulting can bring, sometimes an awesome night out with your best girl friends is exactly what you need to feel like yourself again. If you want to make sure this night is everything you’ve been waiting for after a long, exhausting workweek, use these must-know prep tips.

  1. Get dolled up. There’s nothing wrong with a comfy night in with a huge pizza and your favourite onesie, but when it comes to a girls night out it’ll always feel more special if you make the effort to feel gorgeous. Pair a killer little black dress with a chic red evening bag and you’ll be good to go. If you’re having one of those, ‘Oh no, I hate every single thing in my wardrobe’ moments, take the opportunity to treat yourself to a self-love shopping trip and get yourself a glam new outfit that’ll make you feel as confident as possible for your night out on the town.
  1. Do a fashion swap. If you’re waiting on payday and feel like wearing something new but don’t have the cash to splash, why not prep for the night with a good old-fashioned style swap before you head out? Get together earlier in the evening and have all of your friends bring their favourite clubbing looks, then mix and match so you’re all dressed up in something new. Everyone can try on new looks, get creative with their usual style, and have a good laugh while you wait for your taxi.
  1. Plan ahead. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your party night all week, only to find that everyone’s bailing on you once the day arrives. Make sure you plan ahead so you’re sure that the date works for all of your friends. Get a group chat going and brainstorm which date will work best for everyone, then send regular reminders so you’re all on board for the big night out.
  1. Do something different. Sick of hanging out in the same cocktail bar you’ve been hitting since you turned 18? Try mixing things up this time and doing something completely different for your get-together. Clubbing doesn’t have to be on the cards if your friends are in the mood for something new. You could always go for a girly movie night, hit the bowling alley for a few rounds, or go to a gig to see a local band.
  1. Run a photo check session. If your night out was a roaring success, it’s entirely possible that some of the photos from the evening won’t be suitable for public social media consumption. Check with your friends before you post and tag – they may not want all of their drunken escapades on Facebook for their colleagues to see, and no one wants to be tagged in that embarrassing 3 AM selfie with the doorman.
  1. Keep the water running. An awesome night out doesn’t have to include a follow-up hangover. Keep the water flowing between cocktails so your system doesn’t experience alcohol overload, and keep an eye on your friends to make sure they’re not crossing that fine line between merry and wasted.