Best Styles to Look Good and be Comfortable This Summer Season 

The summer season is in full swing in Australia. The holidays are as exuberant as ever. The only thing to worry about is avoiding the midday sun. Fashionistas may be worrying about what to wear this season. Summer is the best season to show off your fashion acumen. However, it’s also a very practical time to dress pragmatically. The heat can get intense in certain parts of the country. In places like Melbourne, the temperature can drastically change. With more sunny days and warm temperatures in mind, here are several fashion tips to look great and feel comfortable this season:

Choose Flowy Styles like Bohemian

In case you want to hone in on a particular style this season, choose styles traditionally associated with summer. Boho-chic or bohemian are great styles for the summer. Boho-chic became quite famous in the sixties and seventies in America, particularly in California where it rarely snows. These styles have managed to endure through the summers without ever going out of style. You can wear traditional boho-style clothes without looking retro. You can certainly find very modern bohemian clothing online that looks as chic as ever. The advantage of this style is that the dresses are very loose and flowy, perfect for the warm days. You can look hot without being a sweaty mess.

Go for Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are spacious and flow smoothly against theskin. In the summer, the less the fabric touches your skin, the better you will feel when walking outside. Maxi dresses are perfect because the design can actually keep you cool. You will feel much comfortable in a maxi dress than a pair of shorts and a tee in summer. What’s more, maxi dresses are gorgeously designed. You can find intricate styles with flowery patterns that truly embodies the season. Plus, if you are munching on a bit too many sweets during the holidays, it won’t show in a maxi dress.

Pick Embroidered Seams

Embroidery is gorgeous and, truly, is a work of art. Embroidery can also serve a very practical purpose. Embroidered seams at wrists or heels add weight to lightweight fabric. That flimsy satin or mix fabric may look very comfortable, but it won’t feel so comfortable when the material starts sticking to your body. If you are choosing lightweight fabrics, make sure there’s embroidery or other heavy seams to prevent clinging due to sweat.

Cotton Clothes are the Best for Summer

The best fabrics for the summer are natural like cotton. The reason is natural fabrics like cotton are very breathable, unlike synthetics. Cotton fabrics also absorb water better than, say, rayon or polyester. If you sweat the fabric will absorb it and you will feel drier and more comfortable. Synthetic fabric doesn’t do this and you will end up being sweaty and very uncomfortable. If you don’t like cotton, choose a fabric that is similarly natural to be comfy as possible.

Accessorize with Scarves

The best accessory for the summer is really a scarf. Choose ascarf that matches your outfit and keep it in your handbag. If you feel like you are getting too much sun, you can easily wear the scarf without ruining the overall look of the outfit. Generally speaking, avoid other heavy accessories like big beads because they weight down on clothes and make you feel hotter.

Use the above fashion tips to complete your summer wardrobe. You can look stylish in a very practical manner with the above suggestions.