Fashion Trends To Wear In Summer 2018

Summer has finally arrived, so it’s time to break out those stylish summer clothes that have been begging to be worn all through the chilly winter months. If you’re unsure how to stay on trend this summer, we’ve got you covered. There’s a trend out there to suit every style, with everything from rubber (seriously!) to polka dots making their way from the couture catwalks to your local shops. Use this guide to help you get your shopping spree started.


If you’re not already on board with jumpsuits, it’s time to hop on. This style trend may seem a little intimidating to the uninitiated, but it’s super-comfortable and surprisingly easy to pull off regardless of your body type. You can go tapered and skinny for a chic formal look or wide-legged and floral if you want something beach-friendly and laid back. Brands like spicy sugar clothing australia have a ton of gorgeous jumpsuits at killer prices online, and you can shop around for a pattern and fit that suits your personal style.


Slips are no longer something you only wear to bed or an undergarment for ladies in olden times. They’re now a proper fashion statement that can be worn in a massive variety of ways depending on the look you’re going for. The best way to start is by layering a pale silk slip over a cool band t-shirt for a fun play on opposites. Experiment with your layers and styles to find a hundred variations on the theme.

Polka Dots

Looking for a fun new print to incorporate into your wardrobe this season? Look no further than the polka dot. This pattern isn’t just for kids anymore, and it certainly won’t look too cutesy or Cruella de Vil if you style it well. Incorporate polka dots into your summer look in a subtle way by wearing a flowing skirt with tiny dots, or go all out with a bold polka dot bathing suit. Keep it monochrome to avoid an accidental Minnie Mouse impersonation.


Believe it or not, rubber was all over the spring/summer 2018 catwalks. You don’t have to literally wear PVC to rock this trend, unless you really want to, of course. Throw the trend a subtle nod by dressing up your skinny jeans with chunky rubber block heels or comfy rubber beach sandals. It’s surprisingly wearable as a material and has a modern, fashion-forward look.

Mismatched Prints

Prints are always gorgeous, but they shouldn’t be matchy-matchy if you want to nail the 2018 summer look. Mix up a variety of colours, prints, and patterns in your outfits this year and have no fear when it comes to clashing. It may look jarring at first, but mismatched prints can have an artistic, creative feel that you won’t get from more obviously cohesive outfits.


The chic athletic streetwear style has dominated the catwalks for the last few years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Embrace this comfy trend by transforming your gym kit into chic, modern summer outfits. Pair sundresses with high-end sneakers to give your girly look some edge, and rock leggings with crop tops and bomber jackets. This is the kind of trend that allows you to truly get creative and stretch your fashion ideas to the limit.