Which Style of T-shirt is Best for You?

T-shirts are some of the most popular clothing items for both sexes, so it’s no wonder there are so many styles available on the market. If you’re wondering which style of t-shirt would be most suitable for you, here is a quick overview of the different types.


Often called a tank top, a sleeveless t-shirt is great in the summer and can provide just as much coverage as you need without being too much. Often seen in cotton and other cool materials, these are a staple item for summer. They can be matched with jeans, dark or light trousers, and you can even get them in patterns too.

Short sleeves

This is the most traditional style of t-shirt, and normally has sleeves just above the elbow. For women, cap sleeves are popular too. You can mainly find these t-shirts in regular clothing shops, although some suit shops might sell them too in white or black. These look slightly less casual than their sleeveless counterpart, so it’s a good choice for a few drinks with your friends or a trip to the shopping mall.

Long sleeves

Great for the spring and autumn months, these t-shirts will cover your arms while still being thin and cool enough not to make you sweat. When the weather isn’t too warm but isn’t very cold either, many people turn to their long sleeved t-shirts, which can be worn alone or with a cardigan or jacket.

Round necklines

As well as sleeves, the necklines on t-shirts can also vary. A round neckline can give a softer look to your t-shirt, and it’s mainly down to personal preference. If the neck is too high, however, it can feel restrictive or tight, so it’s important to try on the t-shirt beforehand and find a good fit. This is particularly true for men who have thicker necks than average.

V-shaped necklines

V-neck t-shirts are the most popular with women, since they create a more flattering look than the rounder necklines. V-shaped necklines elongate the neck and sometimes expose a small amount of cleavage too. However, many V-neck t-shirts are available in the men’s departments too, so this style is very much a unisex style.

Scoop necklines

Mainly for women, scoop necklines vary in style and can extend down the back or down to the breasts. Some of them even extend to the top of the shoulders, creating an off-the-shoulder look. Not all women like to wear this style of t-shirt, so it depends what look you’re going for and how comfortable you are with showing off your flesh.

Raglan t-shirts

This style looks rather sporty, so it’s not the best idea to wear it to a smart casual event. The sleeves on a raglan t-shirt are a different colour from the rest of the shirt, which is the look that creates this style. They feel just the same as long-sleeved t-shirts to wear, but the colours are different so you can add a new fashion style to your wardrobe.