What’s the Difference Between Business Casual and Smart Casual?

Deciding the dress to wear when you plan on attending an event, so you don’t end up looking clueless, can be overwhelming for the fashion-challenged. It would be so nice and convenient for them if there were a quick cheat-sheet which they could refer to while planning their outfit for the next important meeting.
Smart casual Vs the Business casual

Now you need to know the basic difference between the so-called “smart casual” and the “business casual.” By looking at the differences, you might get some idea as to which style would suit you the most.

  • If business casuals are the way to go, then they should comprise of classy dress pants and collared men shirts. A smart pair of shoes seals the deal. In some places, a nice pair of jeans will fit the business casual bill, as long as you plan to dress them up with a nice and appropriate shirt.
  • Then there’s “smart casual,” a cross between the formal and the semi-formal. As if there is not enough when you try to define “business casual” in the workplace, we now have “smart casual” showing up everywhere like in magazines, invitations, and office policies.
  • “Business casual” usually means no denim, no casual shoes (like footwear made of canvas). The absence of a tie and sports coat (a sports jacket paired with a casual polo or men t shirts is acceptable as a business casual look, however, unfashionable it might look), can be taken into account.
  • A “smart casual,” however, allows casuals and formal to co-exist in a smart and comfortable. While ties don’t show in business casuals, they are often part of the smart ensemble alongside vests, jackets, cardigans and even hoodies.

You need to understand that not both the types of casual dress styles can be worn at the same time to any place. As every workplace follows a particular dress, it becomes mandatory to make sure that the way you dress to work adheres to the code that has been put forth by the officials. Unless and until it is mentioned in any place about wearing smart casual instead of business casual, dressing up in such a way is not advisable.

It is a common saying where people tell you to dress for the occasion. If you do not follow that, you might seem out of place from the people who are present with you. This also happens to be the reason why you need to confirm with people about the dress code before you attend any form of meeting or a social gathering. This way, you will never have to go up to a place dressed the wrong way.

Thus, with a clear line drawn between these two lines of clothing, some caution needs to be exercised. Combining casuals and formal men shirts requires a strong sense of style. Always use a trusted source for fashion help, keeping in mind these basic differences between business casuals and smart casuals.