Party Wear Tops for Girls

Fashion is not entirely about clothes and yet it is mostly about clothes. Hence, being fashionable is being always on the hunt for few clothes, new fabrics and new trends. Yet, we cannot wear all these fancy clothes all the time because your clothes must go with the occasion at hand. And it appears that tops for girls form our most basic piece of clothing in majority of cases. Here we are giving you simple tips to style your tops and look ultra chic by following these simple steps.

  1. Use your jacket as a cape

Any top for girls can look amazingly stylish if you change the way you wear your jacket. Use your jacket as a cape and let it hang on your shoulder instead of wearing it properly. It will instantly add a dash of elegance to your outfit. You can also use this style with casual as well as party wear tops for girls.

  1. Naughty knots

Knot your simple as well as party wear tops for girls in the middle and easily transform your look into something chic. This is a fun and creative and will attract lots of attention to your waistline thus making you look sexier.

party tops

  1. Those cute peter pan collars for a touch of vintage magic

Peter pan collars look very cute and stylish. This super stylish trend can spruce up a simple top for girls and add more style to any party wear tops for girls. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and patterns. For instance, go for laces collars, stone studded, elegant embroidery or the ones with leather trim. Dress up or dress down as per occasion and look super cute and stylish at the same time. You can pair it up with pants or skirts.

  1. Add some magic with scarves

Neck scarves are an easy and super cute way to add style and oomph to any top for girls. Go for vibrant coloured neck scarves and look stylish even in a simple tee.

  1. Statement necklace to make a statement

Layer any party wear tops for girls with a statement necklace and look uber chic.

  1. Add some sparkle to your style

Sequins convey a party wear mode. Go for sequins when buying party wear tops for girls. It will look amazingly stylish and you can shine your way through the night. However, sequins are also perfect to be worn during the day. Just pair them with solid separates without any embellishments to balance out the shine.