What Is The A21 Campaign And How You Can Contribute To It?

The A21 Campaign is a non- profit organization working against one of the most heinous crimes of the human society, human trafficking. This campaign was founded in 2008 by Christine Caine with the objective to eradicate injustice in the 21st century. The campaign tries to eliminate slavery through education and awareness and also by protecting the victims. This organization has effective presence in a number of countries across the world including Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, USA, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and Netherlands.

Recent works of the organization

Human trafficking is quickly becoming one of the major organized crimes in the world. Countries like Greece, USA, UK and Australia are mostly the destination countries of human trafficking while countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, South Africa and Thailand are often amongst the origin. The objective of the A21 campaign is to develop global awareness and initiatives to encourage the common people and the students to stand against human trafficking and to fight this crime in their own ways. In 2012, the campaign partnered with Matt Redman to come up with a single song titled Twenty Seven Million, supporting the cause of the campaign and to raise global awareness against human trafficking. The song was written in recognition of the 27 million slaves present across the world on the day of 27th February, 2012.

The motto

Prevention through education and awareness is the motto of this organization. A21 campaign has come up with curriculum and programs for students in most of the human trafficking origination countries to educate the potential victims and also to inform the general people about this heinous crime. Apart from educating the victims and the people of the origin countries, A21 campaign also tries to educate the students and general public of the destination countries about the ill effects of human trafficking and how they can recognize if someone is a victim of trafficking.

How to support it

The organization has also released their high school program in the USA recently, with the name “Bodies are Not Commodities” for the students of ninth and tenth standards aiming towards raising awareness within the young minds. Currently, The A21 campaign is one of the very few organizations in the whole Europe addressing the problem of human trafficking and being a non-government organization it actually needs continuous support from the common people. Buying the a21 campaign bracelet can be your way to support the cause, because a good percentage of the price of these bracelets is donated to the campaign.