Nightly Yours

Every woman needs some good old caressing at night. Here’s talking about something that fondles you comfortably and definitely helps you sleep better. Before things get risqué, we’re only talking about quality women nightwear here! Ladies nightwear is definitely something of a national concern amongst both sexes (we’re definitely not joking here!) and choosing the same is often considered to be a task of gargantuan proportions (ask the men!). When Rachel Bilson said “I just really love being in my pajamas” she was mirroring all our sentiments to the T.

Even more indicative is how Charlize Theron stated that “I’d love to get pajamas. Good, nice and warm flannel ones.” That, in a nutshell, sums up the universal appeal of comfy and cool nightwear. And if you’re thinking nightwear is all about comfort and functionality alone, you’re grossly mistaken (Your man would agree too!). To sum it up, women nightwear is required to be a blend of unadulterated comfort and attractiveness (enough to charm the boyfriend/hubby without trying too hard!).


Such are the interest levels in ladies nightwear amongst men, that leading analysts even came up with studies proving how contemporary men wanted their girls to wear pajamas in place of even the sexiest lingerie possible or simply nothing at all! (Truth is often stranger than fiction!) There are several other studies devoted to decoding a woman’s personality from the kind of pajamas she wears (it’s definitely fun being an analyst!). Apparently being a satin camisole loyalist or good old pajama girl reveals oodles about your personality. Plain old nightgowns would make you an Austen heroine in their book while pajama sets translate into Audrey Hepburn followers or plain androgynous style divas!

While we’re at the technical aspects of it (yeah right!), it is important to know that women nightwear should be chosen on the basis of a few parameters. You should definitely have an idea of size while buying ladies nightwear. Go for something that is at least a size bigger than what you would have opted for (this is not tank top shopping ladies). Loose and flowing ladies nightwear keeps poor sleep successfully at bay. You should also consider material while hunting for women nightwear. It is important to take a seasonal approach in this case (we’re only talking material here).

Cotton is the best choice for those sultry summers owing to its non clingy nature and relative breathability. If you’re still insistent on being a diva in bed, you can opt for silk in summer too. Winters are when you can bring out the polyester or satin ladies nightwear as these are heavier materials and will keep you snug indeed. Length is another aspect that you should keep in mind. Believers in passion and romance will ideally like to keep it as short/mini as possible but bear in mind that this strategy will leave you shivering in winters once all the action dies down. Winters are when you should opt for feet length women nightwear.

Color is one angle where we have to take the risqué route again! If you’re in the mood to get naughty, you can opt for bright and bold colors. For those who’re a little more like the Austen heroine we mentioned earlier, namely pleasurably shy and open to being discovered, soft and soothing colors work the best. You can opt for full nightwear sets if you like coordinating or contrasting and also for the sheer convenience involved. Other options include baby doll nightwear (not inspired by Mrs. Leone but you can channelize that streak indeed!) which is super comfy, intriguing, enticing, stylish and irresistible at the same time. Pajamas are wardrobe staples while you should ideally own a pair of snug shorts as well. Last but not the least, you can consider camisoles for the racy touch that they bring to all your nighttime dalliances.

Choose the sexiest frilly camisole you can find and we’re sure your hubby won’t be complaining! Do not, however, pair up a silky and revealing camisole with pajamas or loose skirts for nighttime for it simply kills that Amazonian look (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer!). To bring things to a logical conclusion, good women nightwear is a must for comfortable and relaxing snoozes and a lot more! From romance to passion to intrigue and simply dozing off without a care in the world, ladies nightwear plays a huge role in our lives (the closet Shakespeares of our private theatres).

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